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1 in 4 post-secondary students <strong>chose the wrong school</strong> and switched institutions
More than 1 in every 4 post-secondary students chose the wrong school and switched institutions
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We help future undergraduate students make better post-secondary decisions.
The numbers don't lie. More than 10% of post-secondary students switch institutions during their academic careers. This is a big lost investment in time, money and energy. SchoolMatch provides future post-secondary students with clear, straightforward and useful information about their school options. This helps students choose the best possible university or college for them from the start.
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SchoolMatch helps you make decisions around university and college
We match prospective undergraduates to universities and colleges using 7 high-level dimensions and 40+ personal attributes.
Our method is complexity, simplified. We have researched the most influential factors that determine how well a student fits a university or college. We've broken these factors down, analyzed them and re-assembled the pieces into a comprehensive algorithm. The result? Clear answers about which schools fit you best.
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SchoolMatch Canada is changing the way students choose schools.
We are revolutionary. Selecting a university or college didn't happen without rational, logical, and scientific thought — until now. The SchoolMatch Assessment helps identify who you are and what you value. The SchoolMatch Report packages this information for you into a powerful, easy-to-read, and most importantly, insightful tool that will help you understand which schools best fit what you expect from a school. With every student we help, we are changing the face of Canadian education.
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